DMM 615 PU Health & Medical WMD Focus Questions & Review

1. Work the PowerPoint problems as INDIVIDUALS, and COMMENT/DISCUSS each others submission.

2. Research and review the “Whole Community” Planning principles. Extend your research into week 9 describing the purpose and goal of this planning method. List 3 considerations that you would now include in your preparation for response (think globally as an expanding event).

Week 9: WMD Focus

Attached Files:

1. Read Stilp/Bevelacqua Emergency Medical Response to Hazardous Materials Incidents Chapters 7, 9, and 11.

2. Read Noll chapter 8

3. Read Cashman, Emergency response Handbook for Chemical and Biological Agents and Weapons chapter 3, 4, 5, 6,15.

4. Review the powerpoint. Answer the questions posed on DB.

5. Research and review Project Bio-Shield. Provide a brief overview of the project, its purpose and use in densely populated areas.

Please review the PPT and answer the questions