do energy drinks boost our energy up

The process of science relies on original thought, careful planning, and the scientific method. Using the framework of the scientific method, write a short proposal for an experiment that could be done using the techniques and tools available within the framework of this course. The question is : Do energy drinks boost our energy up ? Would people prefer caffeine or enegry drinks

Section Important Components Possible Points
Background/ Rationale Overall: Why is this research project interesting to you and others?
Clearly formulated question. Why is the proposed topic interesting to you? 2
Incorporate at least two articles or resources into this section, using in-text citations and a Bibliography at the end. 2
Conclude with ~1-2 sentences stating an overview of your proposed study, and tie it in to a broad general hypothesis. 2
How will your findings inform your current state of knowledge, and contribute to your deeper understanding of Biology? 1
Materials List What materials will you need? Be complete, detailed, and specific. 2
Description of Methods Include all steps you or your group would follow. Motivate your described methods with their purpose. Consider referring to specific lab manual pages or lab handouts.
Describe the overall experimental design (treatments, placebos, and controls, if appropriate). 2
Write the protocol that you would follow to set up your experiment, conduct your experiment, collect data, and interpret your data. 2
List all possible outcomes, and how each of these outcomes would support or refute your hypothesis. 2
General Notes Two-three pages. Please turn in a hard copy, one proposal per group. Provide all names and a title. The text should be 12 point fond, double spaced. Write clearly. If references are used, please cite them in text and list the full reference at the end of the proposal.
Total 15