DOC 714 University of Phoenix Theories of Motivation and Employee Satisfaction Essay

Assignment Content

Incorporate feedback and recommendations received from course colleagues about the framework and significance of the study in this week’s discussions, and:

    • Input your updated framework in the “Topic Theories” section of the Prospectus Template.
    • Input your updated significance of the study discussion in the “Significance of the Study” section of the Prospectus Template.

Provide a list of 5 to 10 references in APA format that are relevant to the proposed study in the “Topic Literature” section of the Prospectus Template. Include 1–2 sentences with each reference to describe the relevance of the literature to the proposed study.

Describe the proposed process for collecting data from the research sample and from any archival sources in the “Research Data Collection Strategy” section of the Prospectus Template.

Revise all sections of your Prospectus Template submitted in the Wk 7 – Prospectus: Research Methodology (Proposed Method and Design) and Research Questions assignment based on faculty feedback and the work you completed throughout this course.