does god exist 1

4 pages paper.

a) in approximately the first page of this Paper, students will explain what prominent question their philosopher raised (in our reading selection of or by them); b) in approx. the second page, students will explain what answer s/he seemed to provide to this question; and c) in approx. the last page, students will discuss how the philosopher shed light or insight into contemporary questions or issues that we face today. (For example, how did Aristotle define true “happiness,” and what would it mean for you or anyone to be truly happy, in an Aristotelian sense, in contemporary America?) And students should use or at least two additional sources (preferably from books or scholarly articles and not merely internet websites), beyond our Voices of Wisdom textbook, for this Paper.

Grading for these Term Papers will follow these four criteria: To earn an A, a student’s writing: a) must flow clearly and smoothly, and have little if any spelling and grammatical errors, showing that you were careful and conscientious with writing this Paper; b) your claims and ideas need to be true to, or accurate with, the philosopher’s ideas; similarly, c) you must capture the main ideas or arguments that the philosopher or reading presented, and d) you need to give full credit and proper citations for whatever ideas, quotes, passages, etc. that you use or borrow from. This means surrounding any borrowed ideas, phrases, stats, quotes, etc. with “quotation marks” and then immediately mentioning the author’s name there in parentheses—in addition to giving the full reference at the end of your Paper.