During World War II, every nation used propaganda posters, History Assignment Homework Help

During World War II, every nation used propaganda posters to encourage support and participation by its citizens. The Allies created many types of propaganda to encourage citizens to purchase war bonds, to join in the conservation efforts, and for women to fill the critical jobs on the home-front while the men were serving on the front lines. Allied propaganda also served the purpose of boosting public morale when it looked like the Axis might win the war.

The most infamous propaganda of the World War II era was created by the Nazis, though. Their effective use of mass media to promote messages of nationalist fervor and racial bigotry was crucial because it helped them convince ordinary Germans to support their extremist policies. However, it is important to remember that Allied propaganda also demonized the enemy sometimes.

For this assignment you will select TWO posters to compare and contrast. One poster MUST represent the Allied cause in WWII. The other MUST represent the Axis.

In 3 to 5 paragraphs, answer the following questions: 

What message is this propaganda attempting to convey?

Who is the intended audience for this propaganda?

What symbols and emotional appeals does this propaganda employ?

If you had to create a rebuttal to this propaganda, how would you show the flaws in its logic?

Be sure to include the poster images or link to the images. Do not speak about one poster and then discuss the other. Rather, discuss them both concurrently (at the same time).