e Principles of Effective Treatment: 

  1. Go to the following web site and read the Principles of Effective Treatment: www.drugabuse.gov/PODAT/podatindex.html
    • In your own words, describe the thirteen principles of effective treatment.
  2. Read the in-service training packet for TIP 35 located in Module Notes.  Answer the following questions:
    • How might training like this help you in developing effective counseling skills?
    • Why is motivational counseling so important?
    • What was the most important aspect of this training program to you?

Review TAP 21 Addiction Counseling Competencies: The Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes of Professional Practice (located under module notes in Module 5 and in your workbook). Pay specific attention to the Trans-Disciplinary Foundations, focusing on sections A and D. Look at the Knowledge and Attitudes listed under these two sections. Where do you stand in developing this knowledge and attitudes? Address each of the four areas in section A, and the six areas in section D.

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