early childhood 3

  • Select a culture (African American). You will each conduct an in-depth study of a different culture, focusing on issues about living in the United States, both through an Early Childhood and family perspective. Try to immerse yourself within a culture that you do not already know much about, but have a need or desire to learn about; perhaps the culture represents someone in your classroom or school. Learn a bit about many aspects of the culture (traditions, language, etiquette, etc.), but especially attend to the contemporary issues the culture faces while living in our country today.
  • Use three to five academic quality sources for your paper. You will likely need to look at more than three sources so that you can narrow down to your best sources. Also you will need peer reviews from Rochester University library. These sources will need to be pre-approved by Instructor).
  • Submit the Diversity Research Paper by Week 5 and include the following:
  • Provide a one-page introduction that includes identifying the issue and summarizing what you will cover in your paper.
  • Write a minimum of two pages that provide details about your topic, including examples and citations.
  • Finally, provide a one-page conclusion that summarizes what you stated in your paper and that draws appropriate conclusions. Include your opinion as well as ideas about what teachers and families can do to help resolve the issue
  • You must provide your viewpoint and opinion regarding the topic in your conclusion.
  • Your paper must be APA formatted, including Cover page, References page, Running head, etc.