eco 2302 case study 3

Case Report 3. This third case report is due before midnight Sunday 11/17.

To be able to complete this report you must read in advance your previous reports and also the chapters 14,16,17,18 and 21 and some additional information available on the web.

You will need to make some assumptions to complete this report, these assumptions will allow you to respond the questions below, please concentrate in your answers, do not deviate from what is asked.

You must also, during the project, research about the industry, labor, cost, competitors, about products, services and everything that it is related with your company and product, see below.

Format and Content Requisites.

1-4 pages minimum without the questions, single space, no spaces between paragraphs, 0.5 margins all around, type letter times new roman, font size 11. You cannot copy, you cannot quote or paste any image or graph with in the 4 pages content. The 4 pages must be 100% from you as the author. Images, pictures or graphs can be included at the end of the last page, including also the references. Any deviation from these instructions will penalize your grade for 10% each deviation.

2-You must answer the numbers below as are they described. This is not an essay, this is a business report requiring a series of questions to be answered. In order for the reader to be efficient while is reading your report, write the number first, then answer what is asked and nothing else, you can elaborate yes, but keep this rule simple, focus your answer to the question.

3-You must submit Word Document File and cannot exceed the 10% originality report inside the Safe Assign Black Board tool, if you don’t know this future you can ask OIT. My computer does not run any other program than Word, please not PDF files. If you submit a different type of files your grade will be ZERO.

4-The Black Board Safe assign score sometimes require hours to give you the score results, so be aware that if you submit the file and the originality report is above 10% you must modify and resubmit until it fulfills the maximum 10%. I will not grade any file with more than 10% originality report. Report above 10% originality score are graded with ZERO.

5-If you copy or paste any text, image or graph within the 4 pages content, you will have plagiarism issue, see the syllabus to understand the consequences of this action. Also, this report will be graded with ZERO. No quotations are allowed in this case report.

6-Because I am here informing you in advance the case report that you must work for the next weeks, I do not accept late work. If your file is not in the proper drop box you will be graded with ZERO. For the system, it is the same one minute due, 10 minutes due, 1 hour or one day. Check also the Syllabus to verify when is due this Case Report.

Content and requisites of the Word file, no excel file is required this time.

1-Word document will discuss the following:

1-Explain and describe when MR = MC and describe when the firm can maximize profits. To do this you will need the previous case report and also to make additional assumptions, make the necessary assumptions and describe your results and assumptions when you answer this question.

2-Describe what is necessary for your firm to be in a competitive market and also to be in a monopolistic competition, describe the factors and variables described in each chapter.

3-Explain how your firm spend in advertising and spend if it helps in a monopolistic competition or in a competitive market, you must describe example applied to your firm.

4-Explain what is necessary for your firm to be in Oligopoly competition, compared with the actual situation of your firm. Remember your firm may no compete in a Oligopoly competition. Elaborate your answer and explain your assumptions.

5-Choose the most important competitor of your firm and apply with your firm the Oligopoly Prisoners Dilemma. See the chapter example, you may need to make some assumptions, please explain it in your answers.

6-Explain for your firm the factors that affect labor supply for your firm, read the chapter to understand the question. According with your particular firm, explain the factors that can improve productivity and how can affect the future, economic condition and actual firm performance.

At least each answer must have more than half page. Some questions may need to be more elaborated than others, but minimum answer per question is half page. Remember this is at least 4 pages report to have full grade.