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Assignment: Marketing Activities

Educational psychologists, such as Vygotsky, emphasize the importance of culture in the development of language. The development of language and communication skills is greatly influenced by the individuals’ environment and experiences. The community (environment) values and perceptions that impact language development are as important to your understanding as the language itself. Attempt to understand this phenomenon and apply that understanding to your communication so it will (more likely) foster positive communications. The values and perceptions are as important to understand as the language itself.

Cultures and their values are also learned through the celebration of important events. Holidays, celebrations and folktales generally are based on cultural values. They demonstrate important cultural values through their stories and the celebrated heroes. Reflect on how your school celebrates local culture. This may give you some additional insights into this Marketing Activities assignment. How many different cultures and different languages do you have in your school and in your district?

For this assignment, assume your school is marketing a new, innovative program to the internal and external communities.

  • Look at your school (or place of employment) and list ways the school attempts to market its programs to the external and internal communities. Create a list of at least 20 activities used. Identify them, their purposes, and the publics targeted. Your list should look something like this:
    Item Public Purpose
    1. Focus group on curriculum External Inform and Persuade
    2. Community Newsletter External Inform
  • Identify appropriate marketing activities, their purposes, and the publics to whom they are aimed. Think about all of the activities and media used in a PR program. Do not just think only of brochures or an email campaign as marketing tools, but remember, a school event, such as a math competition, spelling bee, or an art show can be used as PR tools.
  • Think about how the school involves both external and internal publics in its decision-making. Check with your administrator for some ideas.
  • Include a thorough conclusion that includes thoughtful application to cultural and community needs.

If you have a difficult time finding examples within your school district, think how difficult it must be for the outside publics!

Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.

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