Effective Communication Worksheet

Effective Communication Worksheet

Read the three scenarios provided.

Answer the prompts after each scenario in a separate Microsoft® Word document.

Scenario 1

Justin is a front office assistant at a local physician’s office. The X-ray technician called Justin over to help him with some paperwork. Justin noticed the patient’s X-ray and thought it would be funny to post the X-ray on his Facebook page and ask his friends to guess what the image resembled. Later in the day the X-ray technician recognized the image on Justin’s Facebook page and felt it was important to address the issue with Justin’s manger the next day.

Note: It is recommended that students complete the HIPAA Tutorial Learning Activity in Week One before completing this assignment.

Write a 175- to 260-word response to the following prompts:

· Explain the privacy and security issue Justin violated.

· Explain the ramifications of this scenario.

· Explain the appropriate communication method that should be used when discussing this situation with Justin.

Scenario 2

Jana works in a long-term care facility that cares for all types of patients. Jana receives emails from multiple co-workers throughout the day, but today she received the following email from Sean:

Hi Jana,

I noticed that I DIDN’T receive your monthly report yesterday. I NEED IT ASAP TODAY, so that I can finish the final report.

Thanks, Sean

Write a 175- to 260-word response to the following prompts:

· Explain how Jana might perceive the tone of this email.

· Does she think that Sean is yelling at her?

· Does she think that Sean is angry with her?

· Does she think that Sean is expressing urgency in the matter?

· Based on your discussion above, do you think that Sean’s tone is appropriate or inappropriate in the email?

· As a manager, if you had an employee approach you about their discomfort over the tone of the email, explain how you would address the use of capitalization in an email.

Scenario 3

Robert is an older patient checking in at the window of his local retail health clinic. The office assistant is taking his insurance card and asking a couple of follow-up questions. Robert asked the assistant to speak up because of some background noise. The assistant starts to speak slower and enunciate her words instead of speaking louder.

Write a 175- to 260-word response to the following prompts:

· Explain whether the office assistant reacted appropriately to Robert’s request.

· Explain the role perception and age of the patient played in this scenario.