EHS Training PowerPoint Potential Point value: 30

481 Assignment #4 S20 EHS Training PowerPoint Potential Point value: 30

Note: you cannot do this assignment without first having turned in a completed research paper.

Overview of the PowerPoint Presentation

Summarize your research paper into a PowerPoint suitable for training others on the subject. The presentation must clearly define the hazard(s), the risk management options and the conclusions from the research paper. Provide factual information that leads to appropriately dealing with the risk that protects the environment, public health, and/or safety. The PowerPoint is to be objective, with factual scientific information and without subjective opinion or bias.

  • Use the standard size PowerPoint template (comes up first in ppt). Do not change the size.
  • A title slide with the name of the student and the course name
  • The PowerPoint summarizes the research paper into factual statements on slides that stand alone to make sense (are self-explanatory, do not need further definition).
  • The slides should be able to be read and understood clearly as a presentation. Generally, a maximum of 10 bullet points is to be used per slide. Spell and grammar check.
  • The hazard, risk management options and conclusion are to be well defined and substantial background information to be given.
  • Slides are to be colorful and attractive.
  • Effective use of at least two different forms of visual aids is required i.e. table, graph, pictures.
  • Use visual aids that enhance and promote the message of the presentation.
  • Slide design should not obstruct or minimize the written message area. For example, do not obstruct or overlap the writing with pictures, tables or sound icons. For example, do not design a slide to have minimal area for the written communication. Slides should have a balance of written information and visual aids.
  • Slides are to follow and carry on the theme of the paper in a logical and organized manner.
  • Each slide should be able to stand alone by providing enough written information for the reader to understand the subject at hand. Do not make lists without explanation of the topic in writing. Bullet lists should be a written explanation of what is needed to be stated, but in as short a manner as possible.
  • Use the slide space wisely: no large empty spaces.
  • Above all, the slides must be informative both in writing and visually.
  • The presentation must be 10 to 12 slides in length and must effectively summarize and relay all the important terms and messages of the paper.
  • A reference page is not necessary, if the reference was included in the research paper.

Submit the PowerPoint Presentation to the instructor through the Blackboard assignment. Click on the assignment, then scroll down to browse your computer, open the document and it will go to the instructor.

A refresher of how to create a basic PowerPoint presentation