Elevator Pitch, Executive Summary and Prototype requirements with presentation and grading criteria

The instruction



Elevator Pitch, Executive Summary and Prototype requirements with presentation and grading criteria



This will be an exercise in creativity to think of a product idea and of an enterprise name and subsequent business aspirations. It is a crucial exercise to get each of you thinking about the possibilities of a product, creating your prototype, defining your target market, and the subsequent amount of resources it will take to manufacture and market this imaginary product.



Executive Summary total 100 points



Formatting & Headings 20 points total.


Page Format 10 Points

1 page limit on 8.5 X 11 page size with ½” margins all sides

Font Arial or Times Roman size 11 or 12 except title can be up to 20


Name and title identification 10 points

5 points – your name and date

5 points – title of your imaginary company/enterprise


The following 5 sections must be clearly separated and labeled


Section 1 Product Description 20 points

Succinctly describe your product. What aspects will make it more appealing, original, unusual, or otherwise will make for a great selling product.


Section 2 Value Proposition 20 points

This is not the same as product description. Describe the benefits that your customers will receive with your proposed product. Describe what will be the key differentiator that your company will provide to attract customers.


Section 3 The Customer 10 points

Describe who you expect your customers will be and what are their needs that your product will be addressing.


Section 4 The Financial Prospectus 20 points

Provide your estimated cost to produce a single product, expected selling price, and profit expectations per unit. Sales Forecast – describe how many units you would expect to sell during this semester if your product is chosen.


Section 5 Resources 10 points

Describe what resources (people, equipment, and supplies) you think will be needed to fulfill your manufacturing needs and selling expectations.




Elevator Pitch Upfront Presentation total 100 points


5 points – an introduce yourself and your company name and idea


30 points – Power Point presenting each of the 5 sections indicated in the executive summary.


30 points – A clear demonstration of your prototype or a representative model of your idea providing a clear understanding of what your product will be.


20 points – question and answer session


5 points – timing to be not less than 3 minutes but not more than 5 minutes.


5 points – these points will be addressed with a class wide vote of well you “sell” your company and idea.


5 points – class vote on the level of professionalism exhibited during your presentatio