enc1101 argumentative essay 1

Rachel Carson: The Obligation to Endure page 780. This is the essay you need to work with.

Working with Sources. Silent Spring, the book from which this essay is excerpted, is credited with launching the modern environmental movement. This book is not without its critics, however. Some, such as the entomologist J. Gordon Edwards, have asserted that it is full of omissions, faulty logic, and fabrications. Go online and read Edwards’s 1992 essay, “The Lies of Rachel Carson.” Then, do further research on the accuracy of Carson’s claims. Finally, write an essay in which you argue whether Carson’s legacy has been positive or negative. Be sure to document all your sources and to include a works-cited page. (See Chapter 18 for information on MLA documentation.). This essay needs to be 3 pages. Must have a work cited page. Find at least two additional sources for this essay, not including the essay from the textbook or the essay mentioned in the prompt. Include a formal outline ( does not have to be overdetailed a simple one will do)