enc1101 questions 4

Students for Gun-FreeSchools:Why Our Campuses Are Safer without Concealed Handguns Page 888

Answer the following questions in a Word Document


1.According to the writers, what often gets “lost in the national debate” (2) about gun lawsafter high profile schoolshootings? Why is this important to the writers’ main point?

2.According to the 2007 Brady Campaign report cited by the writers, whywill gun violencelikely increaseif gunsare allowed oncampuses? What four reasons does the reportgive?

3.The writers discuss “shall-issue” policies (18) for concealed carry permits. What is a “shall-issue” policy?

Purpose and Audience

1.Students for Gun-Free Schools is a national organization devoted to keeping guns offcampuses. For example,it works to influence legislationand policy directly. How do you thinkthis mission affects thewriters’ purpose in thisessay?

2.Beforethe writers list their reasons for keepingguns off campus, theyestablish thatcampuses are relativelysafe places.Why do you think they do so?

Style and Structure

1.In their opening paragraph, why do the writers put the word right in quotation marks?

2.In paragraph 7,the writers cite an unnamed “national survey” indicating that 94 percent of Americans think citizens should not be allowed to bring guns on campuses. Is this information convincing? Is it relevant to the main issue?

4.Vocabulary Project. In paragraph 27,the writers discuss the “potential for collateral damage”if more students are armed on campus. What connotations does the expression collateral damage have? What connotations do you think the writers want it to have in this essay.