eng 102 write a paper 1

my topic is about Harrold Frederick Shipman

the paper should be about why they kill not there life

and here is more information you may need

you can also search for other refrenses than what i have becouse they may not good

Please refer to the paper topics list and select one of the serial killers listed for your research paper. Because this is an APA Style paper, you will use a template. Class will focus on introducing you to what is required for each section of the paper. Refer to the PowerPoint slideshow which provides an overview for this type paper.

It is recommended that you do preliminary research of your choice. Some serial killers are harder to research than other and, obviously, some are easier. Check out YouTube for documentaries on your selection, but also serial killer psychology too.

Use this link to upload and submit the revised first draft of your final paper for this class. As a reminder, this is a major research paper, so make sure that your paper meets all the requirements with respect to template and research.

  • Use the template for this paper.
  • Make sure your paper is double-spaced; remove the extra spacing that Word adds when you hit the Enter key.
  • Use at least five authored sources; this is required to pass the course. If you fail to use at least five authored sources, you will receive a failing grade.
  • The primary focus of your paper should be in answering the question: why does your serial killer kill?
  • Do not focus your paper on the biography of your killer. Only discuss things that are relevant to why he/she kills.
  • Documentation is very important; make sure you use appropriate in-text and/or parenthetical references.
  • Your bibliography should be alphabetized.