english 1301 summary strong response

Once you have finished your summary revisions for the article that you used in Essay #2, you now need to go back and add your own response to the piece.In the response section, you should focus on specifics from the essay and how it / they made you feel or what they might have made you think of.Did this piece take you back to an earlier time in your life?Has it made you re-think a previously held belief?Do you agree / disagree with the author?You may also comment on the way in which the article / essay was written.

You should avoid simple statements like “I enjoyed it” or “It was good,” without going further to explain exactly WHY you enjoyed it or what made it good.This section of your paper needs to be at least ¾ of a page to a page long, so you don’t want a two-page summary with a paragraph of response tacked on.Be thoughtful in your response.You may use “I” in this section, but still avoid “you,” “your” and contractions unless they are in direct quotes.