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Essays must include a minimum of one quotation from resources pertaining to the topic.



The institution of marriage has changed dramatically over time. Marriage in the U.S. today offers less status and fewer privileges than it once did, but there are economic, legal, and, according to some researchers, even health benefits associated with marriage. Write an essay arguing whether or not Americans should continue to participate in this weathered tradition.

YOU can ONLY use These resources and the files I uploaded:

Trends in Attitudes about Marriage (You may utilize the entire https://www.cdc.gov/website.)

8 Facts about Love and Marriage in America (You may utilize the entire https://www.pewresearch.org/ website.)


Millennial Marriages (You may utilize the entire https://www.census.gov website.)https://www.census.gov/library/stories/2018/06/mil…Your essay should offer a persuasive argument that addresses the question and reflects the critical thinking process described in the textbook From Critical Thinking to Argument and reviewed in class.

The Case Against Marriage