Essay 900 words about capital punishment.

Read all the paper, I need at least 80/85. NOT plagiarism, everything original.

Basically you have to make the essay about this.

You know that the Bill of Rights protects the rights of accused individuals, and that the 8th
Amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. Capital punishment has been a controversial
issue for many years, but the Supreme Court has ruled that in some instances it does not count as
cruel or unusual. In this project, you will express your own opinion about capital punishment.

Write a 900-word (three typed, double-spaced pages) essay in which you:

  •  Provide an overview of the capital punishment issue in the United States.
  •  Discuss a Supreme Court decision about capital punishment and analyze what it says about
    the issue.
  •  Consider at least two arguments in favor of capital punishment.
  •  Evaluate at least two arguments against capital punishment.
  •  Express and defend your own opinion about capital punishment.
  •  Use at least three sources other than your course materials.