essay on the bill of rights and the declaration of the rights of man amp citizen

i started off my introduction with this, you can change it if you want to.

What is the significance of having rights as human beings in our own country? Of course today every country has a set of laws made specifically to protect its citizens and ensure their rights. But how did this begin? Both the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of the rights of man state almost about the same rights for their citizens. What makes them different from each other is the occurrence of what happened before they established these advantages.

i need a thesis statement that answers one of these questions (uploaded a pic yellow pic)

i will also send you the outline that i made if you wanted to use it

also for the reasons why they were created maybe discuss them together rather than separate.

plus sources (chicago style citation)

use quotes from bboth primary sources

footnote citations in paragraphs and in the example i posted on the bottom of the page if there is a second one from the same website dont recite the the whole thing on the bottom just the last name and title of the source