Ethics, CSR, Sustainability, and Change Management (

Assignment 3: Ethics, CSR, Sustainability, and Change Management (25 points)

Due 11/06/2020 (10 p.m.)

This your third assignment but this time instead of working in groups you need to complete the responses individually. No group work permitted. You will answer one of the two questions below for the company you chose for assignment 1. In developing your answers make sure you use the concepts/frameworks to appropriately answer all the questions. The concepts that you’ll need to apply can be found in chapters 5 and/or 10 so re-read those chapters thoroughly before you start your work.

Do your research on your company and cite all the sources that you use in your answer in a proper format and create a bibliography at the end of the report.

This is an individual assignment. You will upload your answers on BBlearn by the due date. Your answers should be double spaced, 12 font, with 1 inch margins on all sides. Assignments like these can vary in length but I’d expect at least 1 to 2 pages for a question to answer in sufficient details.

Here are the questions (Answer any one of the following two questions):

What is your firm’s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and stakeholder management? Identify these practices and describe them in sufficient details. Also reflect upon how your firm approaches instituting ethical standards? Are these compliance based or are they trying to build a culture for high ethical standards? Or both?
Describe the organizational structure for your firm using the elements of a firm’s structure from chapter 10. Discuss in detail your choices and describe how this structure helps the firm implement their strategy.