ethnic museum paper

Research paper on Dusable Museum of African American History in Chicago.

  • Six pages, double spaced
  • Each of the four parts of your assignment should be separately marked in your paper, from one to four.

Part 1-

  • What does the museum say its purpose is?What is it trying to communicate?You can usually find this in brochures and other places where a curator or director discusses the mission of the institution. As part of your discussion evaluate how well the museum accomplishes its goal.Give examples supporting your opinion.

Part 2-

    • What kind of ethic boundary markers are on display in the museum? Describe the types of ethnic boundary markers on display. In addition to clothing, what kind of other ethnic markers exist for this group? Is it cuisine, residence in a particular part of the city, language, a public event like a parade – remember, it can be any number of things.

Part 3-

  • Does the museum portray the original country or homeland of the group as being a single ethnicity, or does it acknowledge that the it is made up of other national and subnational groups? Why do you think it does one or the other?

Part 4-

How does the museum portray the relationship of the group to the United States? Is it something that is celebrated? (and explain how)Is it something that is ignored?Is it something that is the basis of a grievance?

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