evaluation and recommendation paper

BMGT 2303 – Problem Solving and Decision Making


In Objective 11, Evaluating Options, the text notes that there are always trade-offs among competing needs and options. In Exercise PS2-Y11 you used the knowledge you have gained so far to evaluate four possible solutions to the problem that educational tours are not very popular. First you compared the options, and then you gave ranking and relative weights to the options. The comparisons, rankings, and weights you used were based in your experience and on your perspective. In Part 3 you were introduced to Thinking Critically. In an office environment you would be expected to write out your recommendation and present your reasoning for selecting it. You would then need to be prepared to defend your choice against the perspectives of your fellow employees.

Using your work in Exercise PS2-Y11 and the perspectives you gained in Part 3: Thinking Critically, write a paper (minimum of 1 ½ pages, 1” margins, size 12 font, double-spaced, do not right justify, do not add extra spaces to create the illusion of a longer paper) addressing the following:

  1. Which of the four solutions do you think will be the best one to improve the popularity of Quest Specialty Travel’s educational tours?
  2. What is your reasoning for rating your solution higher than the others? In other words, why is your solution likely to be more effective than the other three?
  3. Why are the other three solutions not as likely to be effective? That is to say, what are the weaknesses of the other three options?