everything is there 15

you will write an essay response to the topic posted below using only readings on the syllabus from the first three weeks of this course. Only readings listed on the syllabus by these authors are eligible for the exam: Behn, Swift, Voltaire, Bashō, Equia

In most of the readings in the first three weeks, we see characters or writers faced with making a choice or faced with a lack of choice (or the writers are reflecting on how individuals do or do not have choices in more general ways). In your exam, use three examples from assigned texts to show how we see a choice being presented or discussed or where we see a lack of choice present (and your three examples cannot use the same author twice—for example, you cannot use both poems by Keats and count it as two of the three examples). What choices do the characters face or what choices are the authors highlighting? Where choices are made, are they difficult or easy? Why? Where choices are lacking, what does that suggest about the choices and challenges we face in life? Are there any similarities among the examples? Or, if the choices are all different, what might that suggest about the choices human beings encounter in life?