examine the representation of african american athletes in documentary films hoop dreams when we were kings jim brown all american athlete race forty two ali creed creed ii

Your paper should critically examine topics related to the intersection of race and cinema in the post-1960s period. The topics below are provided to assist you in developing your final paper. This paper should be 7-9 pages in length and must adhere to the following guidelines. The paper has to demonstrate your ability to apply theoretical concepts to reading race on screen. Additionally, it should be argumentative, reflect your ability to critically examine racial representations in cinema, and demonstrate your ability to formulate original ideas. Please consult a variety of sources including: class lectures, assigned reading materials, course pack, reserve reading material, e-resources, dvds/videos (on reserve at the Media Resources Center), etc. In conducting research for this paper you need to consult journal articles, on-line resources, books, documents, etc. This paper constitutes one-fourth of your grade and should reflect your best effort.


1) Title page that includes the title of paper, full name,

2) Typed and Double-Spaced/Times New Roman Style Preferred

3) Adhere to basic rules on Grammar and Style

4) Contain Footnotes or Endnotes (Parenthetical Documentation is acceptable)

5) Include Bibliography

6) Legible, Near Letter Quality or Better (Original Dark Copies)

7) Pages should be Numbered and in Correct Order

8) Please do not print paper on front and back