examining a customer service failure

Think of a time when you experienced a service failure and complained to the service provider. Answer the following questions:

  • What was the failure and how were your expectations not met?
  • What was the effect of the failure on your attitude about the service provider?
  • Did the service provider offer any recovery?
  • What effect did the provider’s action (or inaction) have on your attitude about the provider and on your likelihood of repurchase?

For the second part of the assignment, assume that you are the team leader for a consulting group that is charged with designing, developing, and implementing an organization’s system for customer relations management. Develop an outline of the opportunities that you believe that such a system would provide the organization, the challenges inherent in developing the system, and the issues related to implementing and using the system. Be sure to identify the necessary inputs and support staff for the system. What information will be needed? How will it be collected and managed? How will the system improve customer retention?

For additional details, please refer to the Module Three Integrative Learning Exercise Guidelines and Rubric document.