explain how the scientific method was used in the study

For each project, you will be given a news story and a scientific journal article that goes with it,

posted to Canvas by the instructor. Each of these journal articles will have been published in a

reputable online magazine, newspaper, or journal. The news story may or may not be.

You will then write a short essay, 1-2 pages in length, detailing the parts of the scientific

method discussed in your article and comparing that information to what was reported in the

news story. Each entry will be written in a logical and professional manner using the APA

template attached to the post.

The entire entry must be written IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Direct quotes of the articles are not

allowed. However, when you summarize or paraphrase something from one of the articles you

will need to provide an in-text APA reference. The guide to APA referencing is attached to this


The essay must be written entirely in third person. DO NOT USE FIRST OR SECOND PERSON.

This means you cannot use the words “I”, “we”, or “you”.