Explain the goal of information security in relation to mobile devices

Recently, a terminated employee used his mobile device to log in to the company network and steal sensitive data. As the manager of the information technology (IT) security department, you were asked by your boss to present a summary of what the organization should do to prevent this from happening again. Create a PowerPoint presentation of your summary. In your PowerPoint presentation, you should include the components listed below.

Explain the goal of information security in relation to mobile devices.
Identify the three sources of threats, provide a summary of each, and provide at least one example of each.
Explain technical safeguards, and discuss which technical safeguard(s) should be used for mobile devices.
Explain data safeguards, and discuss which data safeguard(s) should be used in this type of scenario.
Explain human safeguards, and discuss which human safeguard(s) should be implemented.
Discuss why the organization needs an incident response plan to secure information and knowledge.
Your presentation must be a minimum of six slides in length, not counting the title and reference slides. Be sure that any graphics used are appropriate and support the content of your presentation. You must use at least two references in your presentation, and they should be cited and referenced in APA format. Please cite all sources used.



Unit VI reading
5 hurdles to mobile and wireless deployments … and how to overcome them: today’s work force is demanding mobile, flexible, and real-time access to critical data. But, you’re bound to encounter a few potholes along the road to anytime-anywhere computing
Author: Bob VieraitisDate: Nov. 2003From: Mobile Business Advisor(Vol. 21, Issue 5)Publisher: Advisor Publications, Inc.Document Type: ArticleLength: 3,299 wordsFull Text:

IN THIS ARTICLE, I’ll first discuss five hurdles that hamper mobile rollouts, delay return on investment, and negatively impact user productivity, I’ll then outline a planning framework–a checklist, if you will Jill overcoming these obstacles.

Hurdle #1