extra credit help please

  • Extra Credit EXTENSION (3-4 pages) – Graded Pass/No-Pass: Passing grades will receive 3% on the final course grade. As per the syllabus policy: Students missing assignments or who have received a “zero” on an assignment are not eligible to receive extra credit points.
    • First, watch a documentary film on a health issue. A list of approved documentaries is below. You may choose a documentary not on the list if you receive approval that it is of substantial enough length and quality from Prof. Dunn in advance.
    • Second, locate an academic social science source (ideally from your cognate discipline) that provides a perspective on the health problem (or a related problem) in your documentary. This should not be a source we used in class. We are looking for sources of book chapter or journal article length.
    • In 3-4 pages, 1) summarize the key points and arguments of the documentary, 2) summarize the key points and arguments of your academic source, and 3) put these two sources into conversation. (How are they similar, different, complementary, contradictory, etc?)
    • Submit a copy of your journal article along with your assignment.