feedback post 6

After reading about the Business Motivation Model, what benefits do you see if an organization uses the model to help formulate its actions and what it should be focusing on? based on that post , you have to give me any two feedback from (1-3) Choose any 2 from down below. 3-5 sentences per post.

1. An organization can benefit by using the business motivation model to bring about clarity and coherence when formulating their business action plans. An organization should be focusing on bringing together business strategy and execution in an organized manner to obtain a result. This can be done by identifying the vision of the business plan and the goals and elements required to elaborate on the vision.

2. After reading about the Business Motivation Model, I can see the benefits of an organization using the model to help formulate its actions in the following ways;

First, the BMM supports the organization in being able to react to changes in the world because it first helped them to distinguish what results are possible with their approach. Therefore, when changes occur and it impacts the outcomes, they can adjust accordingly.

The main aspect to me is how the model helps to define the scope and gives the organization a clear picture of it’s goals, visions and what they are up to. This will allow the actions to focus and align on fulfilling those specific goals and not be scattered in what they are about and up to as an organization. By doing this, you can easily determine all of the methods to carry out said goals and visions.

3. I believe that the Business Motivation model can help an organization by helping them create a business plan in an organized way. The model is suppose to help with developing and managing the business plan as it is being created. It will help with the outside influences that can alter or change how the business could be ran or done. It creates a meaning for a business which can help a business see things that is needed in order to make the goals. Without organizing the information and processes needed for the business, the business could fail before it even started. There are three elements in the business plan that should be focused on when creating it and using the BMM: ends, means, and influencers. Knowing the ends can help with what is needed to make the goal and the purpose of each part of the business plan. Knowing the end will help keep the business on track from doing things that will not necessarily help the business. Knowing the means will help keep meaning to everything that is being done, so that the business can run more effective and efficiently. Knowing what influences the business can help improve the processes and things for the business to stay ahead of the competition and keeping customers happy since changes are always being made to accommodate.