final draft 35

Hello my friend, i hope you’re doing better 🙂

everything is basically done! 🙂

What’s left to be done:

1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY!!: (this is a very important part), it summarizes the whole thing to the person in charge who doesn’t have time to read the whole thing, make sure to include all of the project’s details mentioned everywhere else, that page can be looked at as a stand alone page, the only page the boss will read, that is how important it is. PLEASE check pages 39-43 on the power-point inside it tells you what you should include and how it should look like. (Class material, file attached).

2. (Proposal, Outline, How it should look like.) file attached is on the paper, add missing parts, and organize the information to make sure it’s in the order shown on that file.

after that EXPAND(where it’s needed)

Thank you so much my friend,

i will need it tomorrow night LA time, to have time to proof read, edit, ask for minor fixes.