final paper 330

I need this paper 6-8 pages

but I do not have a topic. I need you to give me a topic so I will email my teach and get the approval so you can start writing the paper. This potential topics should be done ASAP, so u will have time to write it.

6. Current Trends and Perspectives Paper. It is very common to find articles about human development topics making headlines in major news outlets. For this assignment, you should choose a current topic that deals with a human development topic and you find interesting (e.g., long term effects of being bullied, overscheduled youth).

You should then write a paper that involves:

(1) introducing the topic and its importance,

(2) consulting and critically evaluating the research literature to clarify the issues;

3) drawing on the literature to deliver an opinion on the topic;

4) proposing a new study that would address 1-2 important unanswered questions related to the topic.

Everyone must obtain approval from me for their topics, and must include at least 4 empirical studies on their topic. The paper should be 6-8 pages long.