final paper 334

We have to choose one industry to discuss and use in this paper.

A comprehensive research paper on the key learning objectives from this course will fulfill Dialogue of Self and Study (DSS) 300 Level written communication requirements.

Your paper must include separate sections addressing what you have learned regarding each of the six learning outcomes for this course. You should structure your paper into six sections one for each of the five course objectives. Your paper should be 12-15 pages long, and should demonstrate what you have learned in this course.

You may use the content you have written in previous assignments in this course. You should not, however, simply copy-and-paste your module papers into one document and consider this complete… This assignment is your opportunity to revise, build upon, add to, and fully integrate your previous work together with new research and editing as needed.

The Final Paper requires research from course materials and at least three (3) independent scholarly sources that you find separate from course materials. Students are encouraged to share their sources in advance with the instructor, to be certain that what you’ve found are reputable and acceptable sources for your Final Paper.