final paper 336

The paper needs to be a minimum of 15 pages (not including title page, abstract and references), in APA 6th edition format.

Topics need to be submitted for instructor approval by the end of week 3. This is the opportunity to delve into a topical area addressed in the course and develop an in-depth understanding of the situation. Students can pick either a contemporary or ongoing disaster or one well described in the literature. Topics to discuss can include but, are not limited to the following. How is the disaster cycle used? What management model was applied? Discuss disaster management models, logistics, political and capacity related topics as applicable.

For the remainder of the semester the idea is to demonstrate what you have learned tand apply this learning to the discussions. This is an opportunity to dig a little deeper into concepts and begin to discuss “the how’s” of doing things from an emergency management perspective. Remember, as future emergency managers you will generally not be asked to discuss what literature shows. You will be asked to solve problems during the very worst of times. Think/reflect on the various surrounding your topics and develop your posts to solve problems rather than just answering questions. Remember that you will still need to provide appropriate citations and references.

MY TOPIC is ( Haiti earthquake)

more than 8 references

  1. 12 Point Times Roman font; double space.
  2. Running head

the name of the course international humanitarian disaster