find a new york news article and write about gender

Throughout the semester you are required to complete two Media Reflection Papers. For these papers, you must find a news article that is about an issue related to something we have covered in class (think of this as a current events type assignment). Examples of news outlets include (but are not limited to): The New York Times, ABC News, Huffington Post, Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, and other similar outlets. You can also look at local news from sources like the Tribune Star, Indy Star, or other similar local news outlets. Your news article should connect to the theme of the week when you are assigned to complete your media reflection. Your job in your media reflection is to: 1) Identify the issue the news article is about and explicitly connect it to our class (20 points). 2) Identify how the author is framing the issue (20 points). We will discuss framing more in class but put simply this refers to how an author talks about a given issue. 3) Present an argument about whether you agree and/or disagree with this Framing (20 points) and why using at least two course readings (20 points). This does not mean randomly citing readings from class. Rather, I will be looking to see if you utilize core concepts from these readings to make sense of what you find in your analysis of the news article you select (i.e. “heteronormativity,” “intersectionality,” “controlling image,” “cisnormativity,” etc.) You can also earn 20 points for writing, grammar, organization, and appropriate citations (bringing the total points possible to 100). To be clear, your argument cannot simply involve you saying that you like or dislike what the article is saying. You need to provide support for your claims based on the scholarly research we are reading. These reflection papers should be 2-3 pages in length not including your references page. There is a rolling deadline for this assignment. See the Media Reflection list on Bb to identify the week when you’re responsible for submitting your media reflection. Media reflections are due by 11:59pm on the Friday of the week to which you’re assigned.