find an essay on the bicycle thieves

Overview 1

  • Find an essay on The Bicycle Thieves (DeSica, 1948) online or at the library. Make sure that this is a critical essay and not a review. A good starting point is Alden Library’s Articles Plus resource, available on the Alden Homepage.
  • Post a citation of the article at the top of your post.
  • Summarize (1-2 paragraphs) the main point and supporting evidence of the article.

Overview 2

Review the Six Approaches to Film Criticism presented in chapter 4 of A Short Guide to Writing About Film.

Select three approaches that seem to you most relevant to this week’s film, The Bicycle Thieves (Desica, 1948)

For each approach write a one paragraph summary of the approach and one paragraph explaining its relevance to the film. What would a critical essay following this approach allow you to say about the film?

Your paragraph should not be overly general. For example: “Authorship will allow me to discuss the role of the author, Vittorie DeSica, in The Bicycle Thieves” is too broad. Instead, you should find out something about the director and give a specific example of what the authorship approach will reveal about DeSica’s approach to the film.

Note that this assignment will require you to do some outside research to find out about the background and history of The Bicycle Thieves, Vittorio DeSica (the filmmaker), the neorealist film movement, and the time period in Italy.

To Research the film, use online academic search resources like Google Scholar ( You may also do more general (non-academic) searches online. Avoid Wikipedia, blogs, etc.)