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  1. Answer the 4 multiple choice question by listing the numeric number with the correct Letter after the number. All 4 questions must be correct to receive credit for the Question 1. Example 1. A, 2. B, 3. C, 4.D
  2. From the article, what was the reasoning that CFD reported that it was not able to civilianize the 32 positions it had previously committed to converting?
  3. The inspector general then pointed to the blueprint he gave the mayor nearly two months prior to renegotiate union contracts to cut costs and improve city services. What other positions was the Inspector General targeting? Do you think he understands all aspects of what positions could be eliminated as uniformed positions?
  4. Potentially millions more in overtime is saved by hiring civilians to perform 34 administrative jobs that have nothing to do with firefighting or emergency medical service. Do you think there is an advantage of being a fire inspector with a firefighter background?
  5. What is a side letter and why would the IG want them to be eliminated or reduced?