FIU Mental Health Outcomes Discussion

: Writing a research proposal

In this video, Dr. Greg Martin provides an introduction to research methods, methodology, and study design. Specifically, he takes a look at qualitative and quantitative research methods including case-control studies, cohort studies, observational research, etc.


Discussion #1 is an effort to prepare you for the completion of your final assignment (Assignment #5) and Discussion #1 for this course. After reading Module 1: Identifying a Study Question/ Problem and Module 2: Selecting a study approach (Chaps. 1-10) and watching the videos on ” Writing a Research Proposal” and ” Research Methods – Introduction ” answer the following questions below.

The minimum word count for all initial post questions (total) to the discussion board question(s) should be 500 words or more (excluding reinstatement of the discussion board questions and references).

*Discussion #1 is based on your proposed topic from assignment #1. Therefore, you are answering question 1 based on your assignment#1 submission*.


  1. What is your proposed topic/title and reasoning for the selected topic (Refer to assignment #1)?
  2. Critique of ONE article pertaining to your selected topic from Assignment #1:

    The critiques should be 500 words or more (Excluding references). Your critique should contain the following elements:

All students are required to critique an article found in a healthcare-related journal.

  • Provide a complete citation of the article (the title of the article, authors, journal, volume, year, and pages).
  • What are the research questions/hypotheses?
  • What are the major theories that it examines (be sure to briefly explain the
  • What is the research methodology (sample size, independent variables,
    dependent variables and how were they measured)?
  • Summarize the major results
  • What does the author say is the major contribution of the study?
  • What would you say are the strengths of the study with a focus on its methodology?
  • What would you say are the weaknesses of the study with a focus on its methodology?
  • Provide Link to Article in APA format; as a reference

(Focus on what the article is stating and how does it pertain to your research topic of choice). You can use FIU Library and or do a Google Scholar Search. Do not use Wikipedia. Post a link to the full-text research article in (APA format).

Assignemnt #1

Rationale: When it comes to our health, we should all take care of ourselves and try

to stay as healthy as possible. I am that person that thinks that doing exercise will

improve everyone’s mental health and not only that, it also improves their physical

condition. I addition people must do it not only to look in good shape, but most of the

time exercise also relives you form problems in life and improve your mood. I believe

that if the Personal Education teachers in school increment the outdoor activity and

regular teachers talk to students about how they mental health can improve if they

do exercise, we will have less children with depression and anxiety. When kids feel

lonely, exercise is a door to escape as they will keep their minds busy and suddenly

will get out of depression.