Florida International University Genghis Khan and Mongol Empire Essay

Part of what we will try to establish in this course are connections that tie events that are often centuries and continents apart. Think of it as big picture over time. I would like you to reflect upon the possible connections that would tie the rise of Genghis (Chinggis) Khan to the era of intense spiritual and intellectual upheaval and questioning that preceded what came to be known as the Protestant Reformation over two centuries later in Europe. The Mongol expansion sparked a series of events that might provide us with at least one piece of the puzzle to explain what led society to question everything it had more or less quietly accepted before. (I stress, this is a possible explanation of some of the many factors). Very specifically, I am asking you to consider disease as the particular engine of change here.

In essence I am asking you to follow the domino pieces. Some of the domino pieces include the Mongol conquests, Mongol Empire, Trade, Plague, Depletion of Monastic Orders, Expanded Charity Requirements…. Making the correct connection and linkages and expressing them well is crucial. I am asking to follow on particular argument though focused mostly on disease, so although there are many other interesting factors (knowledge transfers and the like) please focus on disease. In other words try to provide a fleshed out narrative that could explain the connections between these seemingly unconnected events (fleshed out refers to the need to provide some level of detail on each event and a clear explanation of the connections – please be sure to establish a timeline and to provide dates.) Notice that there is already an argument inherent to this prompt. You do not need to create and original argument. Part of the exercise here is to see how well you can succinctly express this argument in your thesis statement.


To answer this question you will want to use the Power Points, the “Three Days in October 1630” article and the text. Please be sure to cite. DO NOT use arguments from outside sources. I expect this to be typed, proofed, edited and polished. Double space, use 12 size font and employ regular margins (1 inch). You should be able to answer this in no more than 4 pages (5 if quality of writing is excellent.) Generally then between 3 and 5 pages.

There are a few issues I would like to elaborate on in order to dispel any possible confusion

Assignment II – Elaboration

1- This particular assignment is not about the Protestant Reformation itself – that

topic we will be covering later on in the semester – but about some of the many

possible precursors to the Reformation.


When you are asked to look at possible connections between the rise of Genghis

Khan and the Reformation, I am not asking for a direct personal connection!! The

Mongol unification gave rise to a certain set of events. Those then set other

events off, which in turn set off yet others until we finally have the events that I

have referred to as possible precursors to the Reformation (Those things that

caused people to question the church and so on and so forth.) That is what I am

asking you to discuss and explain. The events leading to the preconditions for a

movement of intellectual and social revolt (so to speak.)


The article we read should be useful since if you draw the right information from

it you can describe the effects of the plague and how it affected society, to support

the argument that this was a time of chaos and fear and so on a so forth…Be sure

to review the lecture notes carefully and to use the text book when appropriate.


Please use Chicago Manual of Style referencing style – simple guides readily

available online. You may also want to use our library resources:


WARNING: Let me also take this opportunity to point out, in the strongest terms

possible, that plagiarism will result in severe penalties in this class. Let me be very clear,

between the turn-it-in filters and our experience detecting tone shifts in a paper, your

chances of successfully passing off a plagiarized paper are slim.