Florida National University Pathogenic Infection Microorganism Paper

Choose any microorganism that causes a pathogenic infection (viral, bacterial,
protozoan, or fungal) and explain the principles of the disease and epidemiology by

a. Infectious disease overview, classification, and causes.

b. Pathogen reservoirs, exposure and methods of transmission.
i. Portals of entry and exit for the pathogen.
ii. Risk factors for infectious disease.

c. Pathogenic mechanisms for evasion and survival against host defenses.

d. Disease symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and clinical considerations.
i. Stages of the disease, including long term effects.
ii. Therapeutic drugs used for treatment including their mechanism of
action, target, serious side effects, and drug interactions.

e. Epidemiology applications.
i. Populations at risk.
ii. Disease mortality and prevalence.
iii. Infection control and prevention, including available vaccines