For this assignment, take on the role of school principal at an elementary. You have several projected vacancies in various grades and subjects.

536 Teacher Placement Planning: When managing staff resources, educational leaders should seek to assign teachers and staff to roles and responsibilities that match their professional skills, abilities, and interests in a way that will be best for student success.

For this assignment, take on the role of school principal at an elementary. You have several projected vacancies in various grades and subjects.

In 425-words, use either the “Antelope Elementary School Hiring Scenario” or the Antelope High School Hiring Scenario” to decide if you will fill these positions from your current faculty or accept outside applications to fill these projected vacancies.

Address the following as a part of your planning, rationalizing your choices specific to:

· District policy and/or collective bargaining procedures, seniority requirements, union or professional association mandates

· Teacher screening procedures

· How well the teacher collaborates with staff and community members to maintain a sense of involvement and trust

· How their actions align with the ethical principles of compassion and concern for the common good

APA Style Guide. Rubric:

20 District Policy Planning comprehensively accounts for district policy and/or collective bargaining procedures, seniority requirements, and union or professional association mandates.

20 Screening Procedures Planning and rationalizing specifically includes teacher screening procedures.

20 Collaboration Planning and rationalizing insightfully addresses how well the teacher collaborates with staff and community members to maintain a sense of involvement and trust.

20 Ethical Principles Planning and rationalizing thoroughly addresses how their actions align with the ethical principles of compassion and concern for the common good.




Antelope Elementary School Hiring Scenario

You are the principal of Antelope Elementary, the STEM magnate for your district. It has 60% open enrollment, and some parents seem to believe it is a private school. Antelope Elementary prides itself on its project-based curriculum with STEM woven throughout and having the highest test scores in the 20-school district. It is February and the district has just communicated to you the allocation of three teachers per grade level.

Your task for Antelope Elementary is to devise a strategy for hiring certified staff to fill your allocation. Take into account the descriptions of the entire staff and the current PLC makeups in the table below. Teachers who are leaving Antelope Elementary at the end of the school year are shaded. Describe your ideal candidate for each position and explain what your strategy for hiring will be.

Kindergarten Ideal Candidate
Bobbie New Bobbie is a third-year teacher who works well independently, but struggles working in a team setting. She is very dedicated to her students’ success. She is praised for communicating with her student’s families with ease.  
Tracy Cobbler Tracy is a veteran teacher with 20 years of experience in the classroom. She recently transferred from another school and is the team lead. She struggles with the technology staff uses daily, but is willing to ask for help.  
Amanda Apple Amanda is also a third-year teacher. She is excellent at building rapport with her students.  
First Grade
Angel Ekko Angel is a veteran teacher with 15 years of experience. She is a life-long learner and her students consistently achieve the highest Dibels scores in first grade. She is also the team lead and is respected by all staff.  
Laura Pope Laura is a veteran teacher with 20 years of experience. She formerly was the instructional coach at Antelope. If her students earn low summative test scores, she immediately becomes defensive. She is known to argue constantly with the team lead and is generally disliked on campus. Her sister teaches seventh grade science.  
Sally Hall Sally is a third year teacher. She has great high achievement in the classroom, but has a poor attitude. She does not get along with Laura.  
Second Grade
Holly Hoon Holly and Nikki have similar personalities. Both are great at technology integration and science. They have worked together for three years and are friends outside of school. Holly is the lead, with 10 years of experience in the classroom, Nikki has 7.  
Nikki Doe    
Sally South Sally is new to the second grade team this year and is a fifth year teacher. She moved from third grade the previous year to be mentored by Holly and Nikki. You are not seeing much improvement in her teaching performance, and her team members are becoming frustrated.  

Third Grade

Kim Wallace Kim is a strong teacher who has just returned from teaching abroad. She sponsors the STEM Club and is the lead of the third grade team. She is particularly instructionally strong in the areas of science and math. She has had some recent personal troubles that have had an effect on her promptness.  
Siri Stills Siri is new to the team and is a third-year teacher. She has a strong partnership with Kim and is genuinely excited to do the best for her students. It has been noted that her excitement has prevented her from keeping to the assigned academic schedule from time to time.  
Mika Pepper Mika was hired this year. She struggles with classroom management and has missed a day of school per week this year.  
Fourth Grade
Dede Miller Dede was previously the fourth grade team lead, but asked to be relieved of the title this year. She is very willing to do what is asked, but rubs some the wrong way with her brash attitude.  
Pablo Sanchez Pablo is a second-year teacher. He is like a sponge and implements strategies to meet the specific needs of his students. His students achieved the highest academic performance for the grade last year.  
Kim Mighty Kim sponsors multiple clubs and is a strong teacher. She truly understands STEM concepts, but does not collaborate well with others. She is the team lead.  
Fifth Grade
Sue Lauder Sue is the best STEM teacher on campus. She integrates technology flawlessly and is always willing to help others.  
Jacque Palm Jacque has been at Antelope since the school opened and has great rapport with students as well as parents. When staff members want answers, they go to her. She does struggle with imbedding STEM curriculum throughout the subjects.  
Cody Woo Cody had the best English scores in the district this year. He is the PLC lead and is a servant leader. He has just been offered a job at the high school where his daughter attends.  
Sixth Grade
Claudia Sal Claudia is one of the best math teachers on campus. She is engaged with the community, but is known to lose her patience at times. Her temper has led fellow teachers to describe her as too aggressive and even as a bully. She is the sixth grade team lead.  
Justin Hope Justin is new to the sixth grade team. He teaches science and incorporates hands-on learning every day. He is easy going and adaptive.  
Helen Back Helen is a great teacher and is particularly strong in ELA. She is known as the cheerleader of the team and has confided in you that Claudia’s temper is hard to combat.  
Seventh Grade
Caren Pope Caren is Laura Pope’s sister. She is a dynamic teacher and implements the school’s STEM vision in an innovative way. She constantly does hands-on science and breaks math down with skill. She is a favorite of many parents. She is extremely loyal to her sister and defends her always. Caren is the team lead for the seventh grade.  
Ellen Garcia Ellen is an excellent social studies teacher and has been at Antelope for two years. She is known for her stubbornness and has high expectations for her students. She will be out this year frequently due to health issues.  
Jose Ruiz Jose is the math teacher. He completes all tasks asked of him, but with little confidence. Students enjoy his class. He has not developed an integrated approach for math with the STEM initiative.  
Eighth Grade
Marco Garcia Marco is a student favorite who would do anything for the school. He teaches English and social studies. He often listens to advice on how to become stronger instructionally, but seldom uses these practices in the classroom. He is the team lead.  
Kara Lara Kara is a math teacher, who does not have high expectations for her students. She is very dependent on Jen. Kara has the lowest math scores in the school. She plans to retire either next year or the year after.  
Jen DeMarco Jen is the team lead and has been for years. She is a great teacher, but is easily distracted. It is widely known that she does not like you.  
Scott DuBoy Scott is the special education teacher for grades K-3. He is overwhelmed and struggles to meet the needs of his students. He is on an improvement plan, and will be with Antelope for at least one more year.  
Tatum Ole Tatum teaches students in grades 6-8. She is an excellent mentor to Jill. She is your SPED lead and is a very strong leader, keeping the SPED team positive. She will be moving to New York next year.  
Jill Nolan Jill is a first-year teacher mentored by Tatum. She teaches grades 4-6 and is highly motivated. She has many great instructional days, but needs support in these first years of teaching.  


NOTE: You will need the description of the Antelope Elementary school staff for future assignments.