For this week’s discussion, analyze Six Sigma’s impacts on quality improvement and the cost of care.

Discussion: Six Sigma

For this week’s discussion, analyze Six Sigma’s impacts on quality improvement and the cost of care.

Has the emphasis on Six Sigma helped quality improvement? What effects have Six Sigma programs had on the cost of care?

Include two references to support your opinions.


Estimate your firm’s approximate WACC; use the most recent year’s debt ratio to find the weights of debt and equity. If your company issues preferred stock, for simplicity’s sake, ignore it. The cost of debt will be the approximate YTM calculated in Week 5. Use CAPM to calculate your company’s required rate of return on stock. The beta was determined in Week 6; use the current 10-year Treasury bonds’ YTM as the risk-free rate. Using a reliable source, research the current market’s expected rate of return (for example, the S&P 500). Be sure to mention all reference sources.

Financial Analysis Report Project

Choose a U.S.-based Fortune 500 company to analyze; submit the name to be approved by the instructor. Each student will analyze a unique company (no two students may choose the same company). Be sure to verify that your chosen firm has issued bonds that are outstanding because the project involves using bond data (can use to verify that bond data on firm is available).

Course Project: Develop a Quality Management System (QMS) for Quality Improvement – Research Paper

Course Project: Develop a Quality Management System (QMS) for Quality Improvement (Research Paper)

In this course, you will be working on a project to develop a quality management system (QMS) for quality improvement. This project consists of a research paper and a PowerPoint presentation summarizing your project. The remaining key deliverables are as follows:

The final project research paper is due by Friday at 11:59 p.m. ET of Week 7 to Turnitin

The PowerPoint presentation summarizing your project findings is due by Wednesday at 11:59 pm ET of Week 8

This project is a critical component of the class. It will be prudent to start working on this deliverable early and update as you learn more through the weekly assignments so that, by the end of the term, you can present a well-researched, scholarly product. The project must meet these two conditions: (1) it must be a research project involving analysis and (2) it must be clearly relevant to management theory. Here are some additional details.

Research Paper

Develop a QMS (Quality Management System) for your own organization. This does not have to be for a hospital. It can be for a business, a nonprofit organization, or for the military.

At a minimum, your paper should include the following requirements:

A brief description of the business/organization

What should be the quality policy?

How does this policy support managing internal quality needs?

How does this policy support managing external quality needs?

How does this policy support managing the quality performance of the interfaces?

What are the verifications and validations of the QMS performance?

The research paper must meet the following criteria:

The project report should be 8 to 10 pages (this page count does not include the title page, abstract, tables, graphics, and reference pages)

Please use APA format (6th edition) for references and citations as it is the guiding manual for form and style for this project

Each student is expected to find relevant, recent, and credible research; under no circumstances will references from dictionaries or encyclopedias be accepted as references, including online sources such as Wikipedia

Each citation should be 150 words or less

No more than 15% of your paper should be from direct quotes

There should be a minimum of 10 scholarly sources that provide support for the research; these should be journal articles or academic books

No reference can be listed on the reference page that does not first appear in the text of your paper

All papers should be typed, double spaced, and enumerated on the top right corner in the margin with one-inch margins on all sides

Please use Times New Roman,12-point font

Submit your paper to Turnitin

Select this link to access the Project Grading Rubric.


You are expected to write primarily in your own voice, using paraphrase, summary, and synthesis techniques when integrating information from class and outside sources. Use an author’s exact words only when the language is especially vivid, unique, or needed for technical accuracy. Failure to do so may result in charges of Academic Dishonesty.

Overusing an author’s exact words, such as including block quotations to meet word counts, may lead your readers to conclude that you lack appropriate comprehension of the subject matter or that you are neither an original thinker nor a skillful writer.