Forest Entomology Ologies Episodes on Bugs Discussion

Requirement: Choose one of the Ologies podcasts in the categories linked below. They’re all about an hour long. Some may contain cursing, so if you’d like a bleeped version, find them here (Links to an external site.). All episodes can be found on iTunes or Spotify, or whatever app you use to get podcasts. I use the app “podcast addict” myself. I hope you like this podcast, it’s nerdy and funny, while also being educational. The motto of Ologies is “ask smart people stupid questions.”

Listen to the episode of your choosing while you’re doing dishes, working out, driving, whatever. Listen with your family, your significant other, your neighbor or friends (if they’re in your covid bubble). There’s guaranteed to be some interesting conversations when you’re done. This isn’t intended to have you sitting down in one spot hyper focused on the episode. My goal is for this to be a fun way to explore some invertebrates.

While you’re listening, take notes on what you learned, anything that surprised you, and your general reaction to the episode.


In a discussion post, share about your experience listening to this podcast. Tell us about what you took away from the episode, some interesting things you learned, and your experience learning through this medium.

Ologies Episodes:

Below you’ll find links to collections of Ologies podcasts. Pick one episode of your choosing from any of the three collections. Each episode has a transcript to follow along with/reference if you access it via the website.

Ologies episodes on Animals (Links to an external site.)

Ologies episodes on Bugs (Links to an external site.)

Ologies episodes on Marine (includes marine animals like sharks)

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