forum 2 responses 1

2 parts:

1. Initial post 350 words/2 cited sources.

2. TWO responses to peers. Do not directly address the student, rather use the topic to expand further on the subject matter. I do not have the peer responses, so just make two general posts that I can post on any student’s post. Thank you!

Several landmark Supreme Court rulings that address the way the criminal justice system interacts with juveniles were presented in the lesson this week. In your initial response, select the Supreme Court ruling that you believe had the biggest impact on the way law enforcement and courts deal with juvenile offenders. Begin by briefly explaining the premise of the case that led to the ruling, what the Supreme Court decided, and how the ruling impacts interactions with juvenile offenders.

In your response posts to classmates, evaluate the Supreme Court ruling selected by the classmate. If you agree with the classmate that it had the biggest impact, provide additional points to support selecting this case over others that have occurred. If you disagree, respectfully explain why you believe a different Supreme Court ruling had a bigger impact on the way law enforcement and courts deal with juvenile offenders.

Initial posts must be a minimum of 350 words not counting the repeating of the question or reference list, and incorporate material from at least two (2) cited sources. At least two (2) response posts to classmates with a minimum of 150 words each and material from one (1) cited source in both responses are required.