function of the monster research

How does the monster function in society? What does it say about the people who created it? In Hoffman’s Monsters, we have acquired numerous lenses through which to examine monsters. Now you will apply those lenses in a thesis-driven research paper. Choose a monster or type of monster from the text that you would like to write about. Your goal is to educate your readers about your monster and how it functions in the society that created it. Consider how a people’s historical, social, and economic realities affect the kinds of monster stories that they tell. Your thesis should be an original insight into the culture that created your monster. Do not just regurgitate what you read in the text. Some good topics might include vampires, werewolves, composite monsters (i.e., werewolves, mermaids, centaurs, cat people, the creature from the black lagoon, etc.), mass murderers, zombies, Godzilla, the chupacabara, or Frankenstein’s monster. You will support your argument with three sources from Monsters, two of which cannot be essays from the assigned reading. The sources should connect with your ideas about monsters in some way, but they do not all have to be about your monster specifically. For example, you can write a paper on vampires and support it with the works by Stoker, Melton, and McGrath, who also write about vampires. Alternatively, you could read up on the Minotaur, Frankenstein’s monster, and Godzilla, and argue that Godzilla, like the other two monsters, is a symbolic punishment for humanity’s greed and ambition

three pages double spaced

mla format

you can sparknote the book or look up summaries. you don’t have to read the book