fundamentals of defense support of civil authorities dsca that were used in hurricane katrina 1

The topic is fundamentals of Defense Support of Civil Authorities in Hurricane Katrina. Please follow the grading rubric and the attached documents.i also attached a similar paper to use as reference for what I need.

This paper can’t have plagiarism because the paper will be check. Please if you are no familiar with military topics don’t bit for this one. This paper is really important and can’t be a generalization of the topic.

Analyze the major points of your base article for research. Use your research time to develop a deep understanding of your topic so you can fully explain your part of the themed outline and support the group effort. Student will write a three to five page research paper (not including the reference or title pages) using Times New Roman 12 point font, and APA 6th edition level1 format. Student will provide an additional three references to the base document.

Student Rubric:

Topic Introduction: 20%

Strong introduction of topic. Clearly delineates subtopics to be reviewed. Well-developed thesis statement.

Topic Body: 40%

Solidly introduced all aspects of the topic. Demonstrated preparedness. Fully linked the topic to the overarching theme.

Sequencing and Transition: 10%

Strong organization and integration of material within subtopics. Strong transitions linking subtopics and main topic.

Grammar andCorrectness:10%

The paper is free of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors.

Readability (sentence structure): 10%

Writing flows and is easy to follow.

APA Formatting: 10%

No errors in APA style. Possesses a scholarly style.