GCU Effectiveness of The Current US Health Care Systems Discussion Response

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According to our textbook, essential elements for the delivery of long term care and the
effectiveness of the current U.S health care system in addressing the needs of an aging U.S
population are: having a Variety of Services, Individualized Services, Well-coordinated Total Care, and Maintenance of Residual Function, among many other things (Shi & Singh, 2019).

In the delivery of long-term care and effectiveness of the current U.S. health care systems in addressing the needs of an aging U.S. population, they need to be individualized and coordinated. The individualized LTC administrations are basic in light of the fact that each individual has explicit necessities (intellectually, inwardly, and genuinely), clinical history, concerns, and an alternate degree of usefulness. The more explicit and custom-made an arrangement is to an individual, the higher the degree of fulfillment of the patient. As indicated by Shi, L & Singh, D. A. (2017), an assortment of administrations is fundamental due to the shifted socioeconomics of individuals who require LTC, administrations should “(1) fit the necessities of various people, (2) address their changing needs after some time, (3) suit their own inclinations” (p. 403). LTC must be coordinated with the remainder of the medicinal services framework, in view of the requirement for various administrations all through the framework. This could incorporate nonlong haul administrations, for example, outpatient care (essential consideration, intense consideration, and so on.), and makes these parts of care all the more effectively available to patients when required. Composed consideration is basic in the conveyance of LTC on the grounds that LTC suppliers are liable for absolute consideration of patients, which means all medicinal services needs are thought about. Numerous LTC patients need an assortment of care all through the wellbeing framework, and it is significant that this consideration is appropriately kept up.


Shi, L., & Singh, D. A. (2017). Delivering healthcare in America: A systems approach (7th ed.). Boston, MA: Jones and Bartlett. ISBN-13: 9781284124491