geography questions 14

This is a geography assignment. Need a geography major.

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I) The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake After the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, Henry Fielding Reid, Professor of Geology at Johns Hopkins University, spent months surveying and filling notebooks with information on the aftermath of the quake. When the results were plotted, it looked something like what is shown on Figure 1, and Reid deduced what the earthquake was from this figure.Figure 1: The dashed line shows where the ground ruptured. Each white (or red) dot represents where a benchmark was before the earthquake, and the arrow shows where it ended up after the earthquake. You can find the scale for benchmark location on the bottom of the map. For instance, the red dot is about 3 km West from the rupture. The scale on the right is for the movement of the benchmarks. For instance, after the earthquake, the benchmark indicated with the red dot had moved about 1.5 meters North. The motion of the benchmark has been greatly amplified in this figure. 1) From the motion of the points plotted on the map, extrapolate what the ground motion would be for the imaginary benchmarks shown in yellow (3 points). 2) What is the relative displacement from one side of the rupture to the other? How does the intensity of the displacement evolve away from the rupture, on each side? What are