Georeferencing a Raster Contour Lines & Digitizing a Geological Map Project Course

Question Description

Georeferencing a raster map

• Use a JPG file contains a geologic map

• Apply georeferencing tools to define WGS84


• Produce a formal map with graticules in degree, minutes, seconds

• Save it as PDF file and submitted as (Ex5_task1)

Creating contour lines

• Add DEM file projected in WGS84

• Apply Contour tool to produce contour lines

• Add labels to the contour lines

Digitizing a geological map

  • Create polygon layer (vector file) to delineate geologic outcrops. Create an attribute contains: Name, lithology, and Age
  • Create polyline layer (vector file) to delineate faults. Create an attribute contains: fault type, fault azimuth
  • Create points layer (vector file) to digitize dips. Creat an attribute contains: Dip direction, Dip angle.
  • Create a formal map of the digitized geological ma