global marketing plan project assignment part 5 1

Chosen Company: Nestle in Switzerland

APA format

Plagiarism checked

double spaced 2-3 pages

Each “Global Marketing Plan Project Assignment” completed throughout the semester will be part of your Global Marketing Plan Project grade. You will be able to use the information that you gather in each assignment to build your “Final Global Marketing Plan”.

Your international marketing plan must be based upon your understanding of your targeted country’s demographic and political economy.

Complete the following activities:

  1. Use the internet to research the demographics of the country in which you plan to market. Try to identify each of the categories outlined in chapter 9. Specify how these will affect the design, price, or sale of your products.
  2. Specify the level of development of the country you are targeting. Use the CIA World Fact Book online to develop a political economy analysis of your country. Indicate how this national profile could affect your marketing plan.
  3. Develop a list of the political risks your company will face doing business in your targeted country. Develop a plan to lower these risks.
  4. Specify the legal system used in the country your are targeting. Indicate how strong contract law is in that country.
  5. Determine if your target country is a member of any global free trade zones. Indicate if your targeted country has a commitment to sustainability. Specify how these factors will affect your marketing plan.