globalization 55

Write a short (Up to 3-5 pages double spaced) description on how you expect globalization to affect your career and your investment strategy. Some questions to consider include but are not limited to:

I’m a public health major who plans to be a sex educator making $56,000 starting off a year within the next 10 years hoping to in making 75,000….my job cannot be outsourced to another country because I serve human trafficking victims here in the United States.I will not invest my 401in foreign stocks

Will you invest your 401K (or other savings plan) in foreign stocks or bonds? Can your job be easily outsourced to another country? Can you benefit from globalization by being able to export your skill? What is the effect of immigration on your career? How does immigration affect the level of wages in your career field? Which is more likely to affect your career, globalization or changes in technology?

Each student will discuss the importance and impact of incorporating international financial concepts into the financial planning process. Some critical questions to address would include (but not be limited to) the following: What would be the impact on portfolio risk and return of incorporating an international component in the asset allocation decision? How will exchange rates impact the overall risk of the portfolio? What potential impact could international political risk play in the overall personal financial planning process?

You should have at least three citations to support your statements.

It is your responsibility to seek out sources for this assignment!

Please run a spelling/grammar check before you submit this assignment.